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Donna and Michael Golchuk

Michael and Donna Golchuk

Michael Golchuk
- About me

I am one of those people whom technology and the building of it's applications are something that come easy for me. I am good at doing a number of things, things which I enjoy. I can envision things and then I can build them. I love the arts and the creation process.

2020 - Present

I built and operate Golchuk Productions Inc. I produce Web design / Video / Sound Production Applications for Social Media Presentations

Indoor Gardening
2021 - 2023

I have found that I enjoy watching things grow. 5 years ago I purchased some LED Grow Lights to see if I could try my hand at growing some Pot indoors. It had just become legal to do so. As it turned out, I could, and I did. The pot turned out fantastic, and I got really sick from the smell of it. That was it for my pot growing days. But I still had all these grow lights. So I started to see if I could grow other things, things that I consumed on a daily basis.

I built a number of indoor grow Environments which were powered by my LED Grow lights. I have been filming the process of growing food indoors for a year now, and I can tell you that the process works, and it will change the way we buy our food. With LED technology, and the addition of solar cells, food production can cost next to nothing to produce other than the initial investment.

So, I spend a lot of my time producing the show "I Want To Build My Own Indoor Grow Environment". I film, edit, and process the footage of 35 plants once a week, every week. I am constantly modifying the Environments to suit the vegetation growing. Filming is complete for most varieties of plant, so I am in the Post Production stage now, and starting the design process.

1970 - Present

Musician, Song Writer, Producer
I write and produce my own music, which I think is pretty good, and is worth producing. Golchuk Productions Inc is the company currently producing my music.

Model Rockets
2022 - 2023

I built 8 Mid Size Model Rockets and a wireless Class "E" launch pad. Looking for an appropriate launch site as these rockets fly a half a mile high. All are equipped with HD Cam and Altitude Meters. Lots of science behind the Launch and we are Filming the entire process.

3D Character Rigger
2018 - Present

Maya 3D Animator and Character Rigger
I spent 5 years learning how to master Maya as a Character Rigger and Animator. I plan on bringing 3D to my music production.

Computer Repair
2022 - 2023

As a hobby I repair computers and game consoles I still enjoy programming and cracking old technology.

College Grad
2016 - 2018

I am a 2018 Graduate in the course Animation for Game. Film, and Visual Effects at the Center for the Arts and Technology, Kelowna, BC. There I learned Maya Production, Animation, and Character Rigging and met a lot of nice people.

Niagara Attractions.ca
2000 - 2010

Built and maintained a Video Tourism Website called Niagara Attractions.ca with 1.2 Million Unique Users per year and the Top of Google for 10 years. Search Word "Niagara Attractions". E-Commerce Programming - Sold Niagara Parks and Safari Niagara Tickets Online

PC Computer Tech
- 2004

Certified A+ Computer Service and Repair Technician. I started out with 2 expensive high powered computers when I got into Digital Video Production I found the need to repair and maintain my own computers as there was really no tech available at the time. I now maintain and run 5 computers in my production studio and everything I do is digtal. Computer programming and repair just come natural to me so I got the paper to prove it.

Video Production
1994 - 1999

Digital Video and Sound Producer Producing Digital Video for the Corporate and Tourism sectors. Web Design, DVD and E-Commerce Applications. My favorite works are displayed in the gallery. We had a lot of fun making them.

Commodore Business Machines
1988 - 1994

Commodore Amiga Authorized Dealer
Commodore Amiga Authorized Service Centre
for Williams Lake, BC
Commodore Amiga Registered Software Developer
Developing Game Software
Programming- 8/16 bit C+, and Assembly Language Compiling
All this, and still having fun.

Contact: Michael Golchuk

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada