Michael Golchuk

3D Character Rigger - 3D Animator

3D Character Designer, 3D Rigger, 3D Animator, Producer

ph/txt - 250 306 1481 - email: mgolchuk@shaw.ca

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


Hello, My name is Michael Golchuk. I am a 3D Character Rigger / Animator. I graduated College in Sept. 2018, and my course study was Animation for Game, Film, and Visual Effects. My course criteria includes AutoDesk's Maya, Pixologic's ZBrush, Adobe Photohop, After Effects, Premeire, Flash / Animate, Dreamweaver, and Audition; Quixel, 3DMax, and Microsoft's Office. Maya is my main program of choice which I use on a daily basis. I studied both Animation and Rigging in college, and I enjoy both. I chose to specialize in 3D Character Design - Character Rigging - because I want to animate, and I want to animate using a really good rig.

Darcy 6.0 Quadruped

Oct.21st, 2019

My Darcy Quadruped Rig is complete. This rig's body is using a totally different technology than the Jen and Dylans rigs. Really nice and pretty easy to build. The Darcy rig also has a full set of facial controls as the face is "joint" based - same as the Jen and Dylan face. I've improved the facial interface by getting rid of the facial GUI and replacing it with an "on face" facial control set. Much more easy to animate with - thereby creating version 6 in my rigging development.

Next step is to create my Rigging Demo.

Darcy 5.0 Quadruped

Sept 15th, 2019

My Darcy rig is going along well. The body rig is now in place along with the modeling and topology adjustments. I am painting the skin weights before I place the controls. The head is a separate rig from the body as this character is designed to talk - I'm giving Dylan a full mouth joint chain, along with eye, squint, nose, and ear joints combined with blend shapes. I've also created the eyes, upper and lower jaw, 40 teeth, throat, and tongue models to complete this character. The body is rigged first then the head.

Sept 1st, 2019

I have finished my Jen and Dylan rigs. I still have to do the animation test for the new facial rig control's, but I have decided to place them on a back burner for now, and start a new project, my third character - Darcy - a quadruped - dog character. I exported a high poly dog model from Z Brush to use as my base, and converted it into a low poly model with proper topography.

Darcy Model 1.0

I am currently creating the assets for the Darcy rig. Since I want her to talk I have to build the upper and lower jaw, tongue, throat, and the 40 some odd teeth that she has inside her mouth. The inner throat has to match the inner lips, so when she smiles the full set of teeth are shown. Once the assets are complete, then the UV's have to be cut out. I can't wait to see the final product - she is going to look good!

Darcy Model 1.0

Jen and Dylan 5.0

August 2019

I have to say that I am really happy with the outcome of my 2 rigs - Jen and Dylan. I believe that I am entering the final stage of the rigging process for me, and that is "speech". The past few months I have been animating my rigs, modifying and tweaking as I go, and so far, everything is working out great. I have a mental change when I go from Rigger to Animator, where as a Rigger I am moving things around delicately and precisely. Then as an Animator all I care about is that those Controllers move the character in the way that I want it to move. I don't care how it's built, I just want it to move correctly (and not break). So, from an Animator's perspective, the rigs work great. I am really happy with the facial expressions, the only thing lacking is a quick way to make speech - to make my character's talk - in a fun and easy manner.

Solution - I am currently designing an 18 piece phonetic mouth blend shape library which I can key using only one slider. The initial tests of the design worked out using 6 blends, each blend consisting of the head, throat, tongue, and jaw being set key driven at the same time. I am adding this mouth slider to the rest of my facial GUI which completes my facial rig setup. I have to create the library for both characters. This will take a few weeks to complete. Until next time.

Jen Model 4.2

Jen and Dylan 4.0

April 2019

Jen Head Turn

Jen's first head animation. Jen's hair has been replaced with X Gen hair with Animated Splines. This facial rig is joint based with blend shapes. Basic facial expression is great. Facial rigging controls include: Neck, Head, Jaw (I/O, Rotate, Open/Close, Lips (I/O, L, R, Up, Dwn), Smile, Frown, Smirk, Pucker, Suck, Blow, Snarl (L,R,C), Zip (L,R), Cheeks (L,R), Squint, Blink, Brows, Eye Aim (Controls, Lock), and 16 individual Lip controls.

Dylan Head Turn

Dylan's first head rig animation test. In this version of Dylan I used X Gen hair with animated splines.

Jen and Dylan 4.0

Dylan Walk Cycle

Dylan's first animation test. A 24 frame Walk Cycle. Modifications were made to the Dylan rig from the Jen rig's walk cycle test. Both character's body rigs passed the test.

Jen Walk Cycle

This is Jen's first animation test, a 24 frame walk cycle. The walk cycle is a great rigging test as all the Body controls (90% of them) are used in the animation. Note, even though the Jen rig passed the walk cycle test, it failed when put into a crouching pose. Lesson learned - test everything in every possible way!

Jen and Dylan 3.0

Jen Full Body

Version 3.0 of these rigs was a complete rebuild and test of the poly's for the Body and Head. Body and Head are separate systems for my rigs, both are complex rig setups. The Body rig was rebuilt - systems include: ik legs, foot roll, and toe roll; I used a dual joint chain ik spine which controls the Hip, Chest, and COG movement; Clavicle, ik/fk Arms, Arm Twist, Wrist and individual Finger Joint controls.

Jen Face Demo

College Demo Reel - Jen and Dylan


2018 Graduate Animation for Game. Film, and Visual Effects Center for the Arts and Technology, Kelowna, BC.

Maya - Photoshop - ZBrush - Flash/Animate - Quixel - Premeire - After Effects - Dreamweaver - Audition
Media Producer (1998 - 2019) HD Video Production, Web Design, Web Hosting, E-Commerce
Musician / Composer - Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals.
Broadcast HD 1080p High Definition Digital Video
Camera Operator - SONY, NX Cam, FS100, 35mm, Full Frame, HD, Broadcast Video Camera.

Give me a text, email, or call. 250 306 1481 ph/txt