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Contact: Michael Golchuk
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March 2020 - Hero Character Design

Our company is evolving. Our new format is Hero Character Creation from concept to completion. We have added Character Modeling Services to our Character Rigging Service. We now accept 2D Drawings, Z Brush Models, and Maya 3D Models for Rigging.

Our Facial Rig Development is complete which allows us to create the Hero 3D Character. Hero Characters have full facial expression and speech capabilities, along with a full Body Rig, X Gen Hair, nClothe, and Dynamics combined applications. The total package.

Jen 2020 is our current Hero Character currently in production. Her animation tests should start in a couple of weeks. Looking to creating a good demo for her.

January 2020 - Golchuk 3D Character Design

Our previous company name was Golchuk Digital Media Inc. 1998 - 2018. During that time we created and maintained a tourism website called niagaraattractions.ca which we ran from 2000 to 2010. The website was significant as we created 40 Online tourism videos for the site at a time before YouTube and Face Book, when dial up modems were in use and broadband was just being born. The website celebrated 1.2 million unique users per year, and we sold Online tickets for Niagara Parks Commission and Safari Niagara. We built the Online ticket sales from a program called OS Commerce, a public domain shopping cart. We hosted various websites as well. It was a good time. With the birth of Social Media we found the website was no longer useful and in 2010 we shut it down. We continued to support our clients for Web Design, Hosting, and Video Production until this new restructuring of our company - Golchuk 3D Character Rigging Inc.

Hello, My name is Michael Golchuk. Since the time of Niagara Attractions.ca and Digital Media, I decided to go to College and get my degree in 3D Animation, since I have always dabbled in 3D and was always attracted to Maya, the 3D program which I use now. 3D has come along way, and so has computer technology. In 1998 I bought in to a product called the Video Toaster. For me, it was revolutionary. The Toaster was one of the first non linear video editing setups on the market, and it did 3D. Back then it took 16 hours to render out a 30 frame animation. Now, 3D is thriving, and I just fit right in. To say the least, I love my work.

Our new company is Golchuk 3D Character Rigging Inc. opened on January 5th, 2020.

Company Contact: Michael Golchuk

2018 Graduate Animation for Game. Film, and Visual Effects

Center for the Arts and Technology, Kelowna, BC.