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Welcome to the ForEverLand Project.

This is the place where I test out and develop my skills as a 3D Producer. Here I get to write the story, create the screen play, and build the 3D environment, assets, characters, and soundtrack in order to produce the ForEverLand story. I specifically chose character rigging in college with the goal of eventually producing my own materials, as character development is the basis for any 3D production.

ForEverLand 1

What is the ForEverLand Plot?

ForEverLand is Ghost Story, plain and simple. Don't want to give away any more than that.

ForEverLand 2

About me

Character rigging took me about 4 years to learn. Two years in college, and another two years learning intense rigging techniques such as facial rigs. Character creation was the first hurdle in creating a 3D production. I can tell you that the learning process will never cease. nCloth and X Gen are a major part of character design. So as far as this production goes, the characters are made, I have 5 characters created for this production. The environment is created. I am using Arnold's Daylight lighting, along with mesh lights, dynamics, and environmental settings. I have my motion camera ready and set to render the first scene. I love this process. I know I make it sound simple, but I am the type of person that loves complex puzzles. BTW there is a difference between a student version and a licensed version of Maya. I am a newly licensed Maya user, I love this program, and I have to say that it is well worth the price when you consider its capabilities, and the amount of support you receive in 3D production. So today I am ready to render out the first scene, but I don't want to tie up my computer as it renders out. Solution - create a render farm, which is what I am doing now - I am learning how to create my own render farm. With my single user license I can have up to 3 additional computers rendering in my render farm, allowing me to keep on working as it renders out. Very cool. With the addition of a render farm I will be able to offer my production services to clients in a reasonable time frame, and keeping all production services within the company. That is a big deal. Sept.3.2020

ForEverLand 2

Contact: Michael Golchuk
Project Manager

Written by Michael Golchuk